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Doing Google plus hangouts is really easy! Let’s take a quick look at the basics of it!
Here we are at the home section of our google plus page. Let’s go to the main menu and choose hangouts from the list.
Hangouts on air, let’s you do a live You tube broadcast. The plain video hangouts link here, let’s you have traditional hangouts, in which the video stream is shared only between the participants. According to google the current maximum amount of participants in these hangout parties is nine.
If your friends are doing hangouts at the moment, you can see and join them here. Nobody in our circles is currently doing a hangout, so we will start our own by clicking on the start a video hangout button.
We can type a welcome message here.
Next we’ll choose the participants. You can choose people from your circles or just type in the names or emails of the people you want to invite to the hangout.
Our invitation has now been sent, and we can see the picture from our webcam in the browser. When an invited person joins the hangout, their picture will take up the screen and you can start talking with each other.
On the top row here are different options for your hangout. You can invite more people, mute the microphone or the camera, change how much bandwidth is used in the hangout, and access your device settings. If you can’t see your picture or hear the audio from other participants, you should check that you have the correct devices selected.
You can end the hangout by clicking on the “leave call” button.
That’s pretty much all you need to know in order to use Google hangouts! Thanks for watching!



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